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1500m² of Disaster Recovery Center

Today, in times of constant flux and uncertainly, the flexibility of BMI Group and our alignement to our client's vision define the high level of quality in performance of our services - and ability to submit you a very personnalized offer "all inclusive"

The BMI Group offers you a vast range of solutions for your specific Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning needs.

Our goal is to help you to prevent potential loss of critical data and to ensure uninterupted processing in the face of threats, disaster or acts. That means: not only recovering your IT systems, but also keeping your business processes running during an event and respecting every item which is important for your company's survival.

Our center includes a computer room which can satisfy the most demanding expectations and the office space with all its facilities can welcome all your team during a DR event. Indeed, give us your requirements, we shall realize them.


BMI DR & BC Planning Center:

FULL service according to your special needs


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